Danzig = Kitty Cat Enthusiast

So recent photographs have been circulating on the internets of horror punk pioneer Glenn Danzig exiting a grocery store while carrying a bounty of household necessities, including a box of "Fresh Step" cat litter and a bag of canned cat food. Although legions of his loyal fiends may be embarrassed by this uncharacteristic crusade, this should come as no surprise to his true fans (like myself.)  Please allow me to take you on a jaunt into the lyrical legacy of Glenn Danzig, showcasing that his spooky sounds bluntly reference his penchant for pussies.

Let us begin with a selection of songs from his debut solo album, released in 1988.  The track "She Rides" a bluesy, sexy-stagger of a song, is about taking his little kitty on long car rides. His favorite feline at the time liked to perch itself on Glenn's left armrest as he drove.

indicative lyrics:
She's Black
And Sin Runs Down Her Back

An obvious reference to the time that Glenn visited the Arby's drive thru and spilled Broncoberry sauce all over the kitty. Poor little guy.

"The Hunter" was written about the one time his cat, Elliott, killed a mouse in the basement. Elliott was so proud to present the vermin corpse to his owner, upon the altar in front of their bay window.

indicative lyrics:
Gonna Do A Million Things To You Honey
Your Life Belongs To Me
So Don't Use No Love Gun

In the longform video for the song "Mother" a live chicken is sacrificed, torn apart at the seams by the hands of the sideburned beast. Once the cameras stopped rolling, Glenn immediately gathered up all those tender vittles and presented them to his pack of kitties, all of whom had traveled with him to multiple video shoots.

From the "How The God's Kill" album, "Left Hand Black" was initially christened "Left Paw Black" due to the coloration of a Siamese who had a playful penchant for swatting shoelaces.  Danzig ran into some legal trouble when his cat scratched the cornea of a neighbor's rabid canine, but luckily, a settlement was reached out of court.  This track was to feature multiple meows during the downstrokes of the chorus but unfortunately, greedy slob producer Rick Rubin 86'ed this idea during the final mixdown of the album and thus, record sales slumped. 

indicative lyrics:
Kinda Like A Dog
With Seven Pupils In It's Eye

The 1999 album "666" Satan's Child" was titled as such in reference to his cute Calico "PawLee" who made a habit of chewing on Glenn's car keys. Originally titled "Mr. Mischief," the record company requested the title be changed in accordance to Danzig's legacy of darkness and evil.

From his 2002 flop, "I Lucifer I," the boring ballad "Wicked Pussycat" chillfully tells the tale of his four-legged feline who continually urinated on a rug that Glenn purchased in Romania in 1990.  This was a pivotal point in Glenn's career, and is seen by rock historians as when he went public with his affection for felines, so to speak.

indicative lyrics:
Six-Foot Pussycat, I Like The Way You Swing Your Tail

Big Black Witch Cat, Yes, You Cast A Real Strong Spell

Even dating back to his tenure in Samhain, when Glenn penned the tune "He Who Cannot Be Named" which is a blatant reference to a malnourished stray who showed up on his doorstep one brisk autumn evening. Although the cat was not wearing an identification tag, multiple flyers were posted around his neighborhood and thus, the animal was returned to it's rightful owner. Sources close to the man have revealed that Glenn still reminisces about this cherished cat on a regular basis.

Rumors have long been circulating to the origin of the famous Misfits "DeviLock." Truth be told, this signature hairstyle came about when Glenn, who loves administering Eskimo Kisses to kitties, began to playfully dangle a lock of hair in front of a frolicking feline.

The underlining kitty current in Danzig's lyrics is undeniable.  Pay attention to them the next time you're listen to the man and his monsterous music.