Sarah Palin Parking Lot

I have very few words to describe this video.  Shot in Columbus, Ohio this clip features the dudes from New Left Media proposing political questions to people in attendance of a Sarah Palin book signing.  Holy crap... check 'dis shit...

A few personal highlights from this clip ::

• The one lady who states that the U.S. had an "Administration of Czars?"

• The bizzo who says that PETA needs to get the polars bears off the land so we can drill for oil.

• The little troll lady who's preferred Palin policies include "Fairness" and "Realness"

Hooray for ignorance.  Praise the uninformed.  These are the people that you share the roadways with.  These individuals may very well be in charge of overseeing your bank transactions.  And yes, these are the people that I compete with for jobs in the workplace.

Ehh... but the one chick is super hot. 

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